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Boom Pilates

BOOM Pilates is a studio located in St. Louis, Missouri. I collaborate directly with owner Danyal Timmermann to create branded, unique social media content every month. The content typically includes: current promos, holidays, featured employee posts, and more.


"Pilates can often be considered intimidating, and a lot of Pilates studios aren’t interested in shaking off that vibe. But with the right instructor, BOOM can cater to any level of fitness, from beginner to seasoned athlete, and it can be stimulating and exciting at the same time."


Social Media COntent

With BOOM's social media content, I try to achieve a cohesive set of imagery that not only follows their brand guidelines in a fresh, modern way, but communicates the vision/mission of the studio– to be a fun-loving, welcoming place for anyone to try pilates. During our initial discussion regarding this social media initiative, Danyal (the owner) stressed these values and didn't want it to seem like every other pilates studio, which she described as being traditionally "snotty" and "clique-y." 

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